Clean Air Sciences, Inc. Recent Project Photos, IR Images, and Videos

Mold inspection/investigation, water damage and IR thermal imaging, indoor air quality, and industrial hygiene.

Employee chemical exposure air sampling

Air sampling in employee breathing zone.

This commercial client requested the industrial hygiene (IH) study to evaluate employee exposure while adding and mixing chemicals for a production process followed by cleaning of the equipment.  Sample analysis was for several key ingredients of concern.  Personnel sample pumps and dosimeter badges were utilized for the multiple chemical monitoring.  Sample results for the project were compared with regulatory and industry occupational exposure limits (OELs) such as OSHA, NIOSH, and ACGIH for an 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) exposure for the work task.  Clean Air Sciences, Inc. incorporates the most practical sample methods that allow employees to have as little obstruction to their work activity as possible for the puroses of safety, productivity, and employee comfort.  November 2017 project.
Dark ghost lines on wall

Debris accumulation on wall called "ghosting".

This residence had water damage in the adjoining bathroom and these "ghosting" lines appeared after repair work was performed.  These lines are not from mold growth and a surface sample confirmed this, but it is typically caused by cold conductance from exterior walls through structural wall members such as wooden or galvanized steel studs to the drywall.  Once the inner exposed surface of the the drywall becomes cold and below the dew point temperature condensation will occur if sufficient moisture is present which will attract airborne particles and adhere them to the surface after the moisture evaporates.  Frequently the black "ghosting" lines are caused from excessive candle burning, but the material upon touch did not exhibit properties that supported that as a source.  The building location is on a busy street and the black lines are suspected to be from automobile traffic on or immediately after a cold day with elevated moisture levels inside the rooms, but a forensic material analysis of the material would be necessary to confirm the true source of the debris.  If you were wondering, ghosts do not cause these lines - as far as I know....  October 2017 Project.
Marble tile mold growth

Mold growth on marble tile.

The client's residence had a huge completely enclosed shower with marble tiles and built-in benches.  The tile although unique and beautiful, had too many deep veins, pockets, and fissures which supported this heavy mold growth.  This type of finish is best used for ornamental purposes, not for foot traffic or wet use such as showers or pools due to its porous nature and difficulty to keep clean.  Smooth polished surfaces that are not porous are suggested for use in showeres so that soap, skin, hair, and water don't get trapped and hold all the ingredients for mold growth.  You would need to pressure wash the tiles and apply a biocide after every time you shower, and use a dehumidifier to quickly dry it out.  Too much maintenance for me.  September 2017 Project.
Daley Center View of Lake Michigan

Daley Center 23rd floor

View looking to SW at Lake Michigan from the Daley Center's 23rd floor after our staff environmental scientist successfully served as an expert witness for a client's jury trail.  Obviously we can't discuss any of the details, but we were well prepared and the client's legal council was excellent.  Photo captured using 18 megapixel Blackberry PRIV android phone.  September 2017.
Spray Poly Foam Insulation

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation Sampling.

This investigation was particularly interesting to sample a suspected problem installation of spray ployurethane foam (SPF) insulation.  After cutting a wedge out of the foam to access the profile for sampling, VOC meter readings indicated elevated levels from incomplete chemical reactions necessary for proper curing.  Many class action lawsuits are currently underway against product manufacturers and installation contractors for improper applications of the SPF insulation.  In this photo a roof rafter running a few degrees off from vertical is covered with the foam due to overapplication.  2017 Project.
IR Thermal Image of wet wall

IR of basement wet wall.

This recent project had environmental conditions that caused a phenominon called thermal blindness that was the result of elevated relative humidity levels and little ventilation activity. Once the conditions were adjusted to open a "thermal window" the little spot above the baseboard (below the cross-hair) was revealed, and this area was found to be water-saturated. Several areas such as this were identified in this basement suspected to be caused by foundation leaks.  A strong moldy odor was also sensed in close proximity to the baseboards along the foundation walls.  Our scientist isn't afraid to get down on the floor and sniff the carpet or baseboards to check for odors - this is what we do and this kind of thoroughness is necessary to to give answers to solve our clients indoor air quality problems.  July 2017 project. Click on the IR image to go to IR thermal imaging page.
Carbon Monoxide monitor

Carbon Monoxide monitor in work area.

Our client contracted Clean Air Sciences, Inc. to monitor the work space where an employee worked at this desk for a full day and over several months during the winter. A portable gas heater was used to heat the space and the occupant complained of discomfort in the room after a short period of time had and concerns of carbon monoxide (CO) exposure. Monitoring over several hours found that the heater was not generating high carbon monoxide levels, but rather high carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, indicating very clean and complete combustion.  If the levels had been reversed, a high risk of CO poisoning would have been present.  Always ensure proper fresh make up air is available to any space when using this type of combustion heater.  June 2017 project.  Click on photo to go to Indoor Air Quality page.
Mold growth on laundry room wall

Heavy mold growth

Mold growth 2' up drywall in a laundry room caused by a leak in the bathroom above which was not discovered until it was this bad.  This type of growth is preventable if the water release is detected, drying immediately implemented, and wall material moisture is reduced to normal levels within approximately 3 days.  Occupants complained of allergy and respiratory irritation.  June 2017 project.  Click on photo to go to mold page.
Fence line perimeter monitoring

Monitoring station location.

Odor monitoring was requested to determine if fugitive nuissance odors were being released by a facility into the ambient outdoor air and adress complaints from a nearby residential area. This project required the use of a field olfactometry instrument (or olfactometer) to quantify odors and determine if an exceedance was occuring. Clean Air Sciences, Inc.'s scientist passed an odor evaluation to document olfactory sensing capabilities. December 2016 project.  Click on photo to go to odor section of site.